Automatic Peanut Frying Production Line|Fried Peanut Making Machine

  • Raw Material: peanut
  • Capacity: 100kg/h.200-400kg/h, 300-500kg/h, 500-1000kg/h.
  • Applications: fried peanut,remove oil from peanut,flavoring peanut
  • Main Parameter: This fried peanut production line mainly consists of peanut frying machine, peanut de-oiling machine, cooling machine and flavoring machine.
Introduction of automatic peanut production line:
This peanut production line can improve the taste of fried peanuts. Mainly consists of peanut frying machine, peanut de-oiling machine, cooling machine and flavoring machine. This peanut production line solves a series of problems caused by fried peanuts, such as uneven frying of peanuts by fryers, too greasy peanuts after frying, rapid cooling of fried peanuts to make them crispy and delicious, etc.
automatic peanut production line
Features of fried peanut making machine:
Peanut frying machine:Using advanced oil-water separation technology, evenly frying peanuts and can eliminate the waste residue produced during the frying process, keep the oil clean.Moreover, water can also provide steam for the oil, ensuring that the oil does not become dark, thus extending the life of the oil.This peanut frying machine is beneficial to the recycling of oil. Save production costs and create greater economic benefits. In addition, this fryer has a high degree of automation, a reasonable structure, and easy operation.
Fried Peanut de-oiling machine:Centrifugal degreasing is used to remove excess oil from fried peanuts, making the fried peanuts healthier.This equipment is used for the fried food deoiling . It is installed with anti-shock system ,because of which it will not vibrate in the deoiling process. It adopts principle of centrifugal force, built-in an electromagnetic brake, digital automatically control, made of stainless steel, is currently domestic the most advanced fried food deoiling device.
Peanut cooling machine:Quickly air-dried peanuts to increase production efficiency,Blow drying air temperature is room temperature, effectively protecting the color and quality of the material itself.
Peanut flavoring machine:The seasoning machine is mainly used for flavoring seasoning of fried peanuts, which is convenient in operation, high in finished product rate, even in seasoning (mixing), and discharged automatically. Customers can make ingredients according to production needs.
fried peanut making machine
Advantages of peanut frying machine line:
1.The entire machine is made of stainless steel to meet the national food machinery production standards.
2.This peanut production line can be customized according to the needs of customers.
3.We have several types of peanut fryer for you to choose. The heating method of the fryer can be customized according to needs, such as electric heating fryer, gas heating fryer and so on.
Technical Data
Name Quantity(set) Power Dimension
1 Gas Type Continuous Deep Fryer 1 2.25Kw 3500*1200*2400mm
2 Oil filter 1 1.5Kw 1200*1200*1400mm
3 Bottom Discharging Deoiling Machine 1 1.5Kw 1200*1100*1400mm
4 Conveying and Lifting Machine 1 0.55Kw 1700*800*900mm
5 Cooling Machine 1 8.6Kw 4000*1200*1500mm
6 Rotary Type Seasoning Machine 1 2.25Kw 1500*620*1300mm

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