How to Make Healthy Plantain Chips With Bananas High Quality?

In our daily life,plantain chips is here and there. And we also eat them. Whether you have a questions that Is plantain chips good for the body ? and how to make plantain chips ? For the plantain chips the market, how is made it ? where to find plantain chips machine manufacturer China ? The article will show you.
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Is plantain chips good for the body ?

Basic nutrition information
Plantain and chips seal two roughly 300 calories per 2 ounces, and 15% of the daily intake of a standard 2000 calorie diet. Compared with potato chips, potato chips contain slightly lower fat than potato chips, 17 grams.
Vitamin A and C
Compared with potato chips, the two vitamins, which provide more vitamin A and C., help to keep your skin healthy and benefit your immune system to protect you from infection. Vitamin A also plays a role in low light vision, and vitamin C's antioxidant function protects your tissues from damage.
Low sodium
Potato chips were selected as low sodium substitute for potato chips.

How to make plantain chips with bananas ?

1. use knife to cut the plantain (or banana) into a very thin slice about 1/8 inches thick.
2. pour the oil into a large pan and heat it to 350 degrees. The oil level should be 1/3 higher than that of the pot. If the oil is too much, it will overflow when it is added to the chip. Or use a frying pan. Slice the plantain (or banana) in batches of hot oil until it is crispy and golden, about 2-3 minutes. Stir them in frying to prevent them from sticking together.
4. remove the plantain and put it on the baking tray lined with paper towel. Sprinkle a mixture of spices.
Plantain fragments can be cooled and stored in closed containers for up to 10 days.
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