Potato French Fries Fryer Machine For Sale

  • Raw Material: potatoes, sweet potatoes,
  • Capacity: 100-150kg/h,150-200kg/h,200-300kg/h
  • Applications: fried potato chips
  • Main Parameter: The potato french fries fryer is made of stainless steel material, automatic water and oil temperature control system improves the fried product quality.
Introduction of potato french fries fryer machine:
Potato french fries use oil-water mixing technology and are best suited for frying various flavored French fries and other types of fast foods, such as potato chips. The fryers are mainly composed of oil tanks, electric cabinets, fans, drain valves, oil valves, and natural air cooling outlets. These components work independently and coordinate the completion of the frying process.
potato french fries fryer machine
Function of fried french fries fryer machine:
1.The fryer is made of stainless steel material, automatic water and oil temperature control system improves the fried product quality
2.Uses advanced oil water separation technology, which can save oil 50%, save power 40%.
3.Oil and water will be automatically separated after mixing, oil on the top to fry food, water at the bottom to receive waste, which actually can keep oil clear and reduce the oil-wasting.
4.This french fries frying machine is equipped with over-temperature protection device, more safe than other equipment.
5. Whole machine adopts exquisite workmanship, is suitable for frying many kinds of food.

Application of french fries frying machine:
French fries frying machine is also widely used in fried potato chips, banana chips, leisure food, fish, meat, poultry, aquatic products, meat pie, bean products, pig, beef, chicken, meat balls mass production. Can use electric heating, gas heating, coal heating as heating source, the Fried food not only has nice color, aroma, taste, clean and beautiful appearance, also improve the quality of products and prolong the shelf life.
potato chips french fries machine
Advantages of potato chips frying machine:
1.Advanced technology of oil and water mixture, overcome the defect of conventional frying machine, automatic filtration, can keep the oil clean, make Fried product consistent, can not only improve the product quality, prolong the shelf life, and brought higher value-added products.
2.The advanced mechanical configuration and control, can always maintain good working condition, not only increase the production but also can make product quality stable, uniform color, aroma and taste.
3.The automatic filter of this fryer can greatly prolong the service life of frying oil, without frequent oil change, the consumed oil equals to oil absorption of food in the frying process, oil-saving efficiency is high.
4.Advanced and efficient heating system avoid the energy waste, saving a lot of energy expenditure.
5.The machine is the realization of continuous work to improve the work efficiency of the unit, effectively reduces the cost per unit, extremely helpful for labor and expenditure management.
6.Using this device can greatly improve the product quality, reduce the cost during the production process, make your products more competitive in market.
Technical Data
Model GG-1000 GG-1200 GG-1500
Heating Type Electric Electric Electric
Dimension 1300*1400*1800mm 1500*1600*1800mm 1800*2100*1900mm
Weight 300 kg 380 kg 480 kg
Capacity 100-150 kg/h 150-200 kg/h 200-300 kg/h

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