Automatic Fruit Sorting And Grading Machine|Dates Sorting Machine

  • Raw Material: fruit and vegetable
  • Capacity: 2000kg/h
  • Applications: grading and sorting fruit according to different quality and weight
  • Main Parameter: This fruit sorting and grading machine is mainly composed of the drum and the frame body composition,the inner cylinder with a screw feeding device,speed grade(Drum rotational speed) by the inverter control,adjustable speed.
Introduction of automatic fruit sorting and grading machine:
The automatic fruit sorting machine is designed to sort and classify fruits by size and automatically send the fruit to the machine. Also known as a fruit grading machine, it saves labor costs and time. The fruit sorter can sort the dates quickly and efficiently. In addition, customers can customize the sorting size according to their own requirements.
automatic fruit sorting and grading machine
Advantages of best fruit grading machine:
The fruit grading machine has no damage, high sorting accuracy and compact structure. At the same time, it has stable performance, simple operation and convenient movement. It is also a feature of date classification. In addition, the fruit grading machine has the advantages of low power consumption, overload, and the like. It can be used in conjunction with fruit washing machines and hoists for pre-operation of vegetables and fruits. It has the advantages of advanced design, strong steel structure and beautiful appearance.It is suitable for the sorting of round (oval) fruits and vegetables such as various jujubes, cherries, oranges, navel oranges, grapefruits, lemons, kumquats, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, etc.
dates sorting machine
Working principle of dates sorting machine:
The working principle of the fruit grading machine is very simple, and the drum rotates under the rotation of the motor, since there are differences in the sizes of the holes in different areas of the drum. The material to be graded enters the drum evenly through the conveyor, and then continuously rolls through the drum. As the drum is rotating, the material moves slowly from the inside to the outside. At this time, different diameters of material fall into the hopper from different diameters on the drum. The material size is therefore graded to achieve the purpose of fruit and vegetable grading.

Features of fruit sorting and grading machine:
1.The fruit grading machine is a multi-function machine. And provide a wide range of fruit. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of fruits with similar characteristics, such as dates, red dates, hawthorn and so on.Pure taste, bright color, high material usage rate.
2.The whole machine has good performance, low labor intensity, convenient operation, safe operation, and low operating cost.
3.The fruit classifier has small measurement error, high sensitivity, and stability and reliability.It has low power consumption, low noise, and easy operation.Date sorting can grade dates and other fruits, and can be adjusted with high efficiency and large output.
4.The fruiot grading has an automatic protection function to prevent reverse and misuse of the device.Professionally designed fruit plates will not damage fruits, durable fruit plates, reduce self-destruction, and reduce the cost of use.
5.High-level automation. Just artificially pouring the fruit on a conveyor belt or on a hopper, the machine automatically arranges the fruits one  by one and puts them one by one in the fruit tray for sorting.

                                 fruit grading machine
Technical Data
Device Name Power Weight Dimensions Yield
Brush Type Washing Machine 1.5kw 300kg 1900*850*800mm 1000kg/h
Hoist/Elevator 0.75kw 180kg 1800*800*1700mm 2000kg/h
Grader 2.2kw 700kg 3000*1100*1600mm 2000kg/h

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